This laboratory is reflecting theories learned at lectures and applying on experimental methods. Studying human physiology that include reproductive, neural, muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, endocrine and sensory systems—using hands-on experiments and computer simulations. Measure and analyze student EKGs, blood pressure, respiratory volume and reflexes.

This lab occupies a space at the College of Medicine that includes, Power Lab System Unit with different accessories, Finometer, Grip force Transducer, Pulse Transducer, Respiratory Transducer, Stadiometer, Vital sign Recorder,  ECG machine, Bicycle Ergometer,  Cutaneous Sensitivity Kit, Harvard Spirometer,  Vitalograph, Ophthalmoscope, Audiometer, Aurioscopes, AD Instruments Pan 4 Chamber Organ Bath System, Single Wire Myograph System, Exercise Physiology System, Langendorff System.  

Published on: 08 June 2016
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