The Department of Physiology was established in 1976 and since then the faculty has taught medical students as well as students from the other health science colleges.  The Department of Physiology offers both master and doctoral degree programs in physiology.


  • To participate in the preparation and qualification of medical and health students for the clinical stage.
  • To prepare graduate students at the master and doctoral level with degrees in the specialty of physiology.


  • To enable health students to advance both academically and behaviorally.
  • To enable these students to understand the courses in the clinical phase.

Undergraduate Courses

Physiology (MDPL 203)

On successful completion of this course the student should be able to:

  • Know the basic facts, concepts and scientific principles of physiology necessary for the practice of medicine.
  • Apply these concepts and principles in the understanding of disease processes.
  • Demonstrate basic skills in clinical observation and measurement and apply these findings towards reaching a diagnosis.  
  • Understand how new knowledge and information is produced.

Neuroscience (MDAP 333) 

This course provides core information, principles and concepts, essential for the rational approach to the understanding of normal and abnormal structure and function of the nervous system.  The Department of Anatomy teaches the neuroanatomical part of this course.

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