The Training Unit of the Directorate of Quality and Safety conduct training and education not just for the Continuing Medical Education (CME) of the current employees but also for the future employees of KFHU. Each academic year, the unit offers 17 CME courses and trainings that provide the interns and other allied health professionals CME points accredited by the Saudi Council plus additional knowledge and skills in their field of expertise that they can utilize in their respective field.
The Unit provides principles and techniques of quality assessment and performance improvement programs, review of utilization health care, risk management, accreditation process, policies and procedures, documentation control, medical records review, data entry and basic statistics, training in environmental safety, strategic planning, benchmarking and quality improvement methods, introduce Performance Improvement (PI) projects as related to HIMT, data collection and analysis and implementation of electronic health information, that will surely equipped the interns and other allied health professional employed and not employed in KFHU with additional professional learning.


The Training Unit offers internship and post graduate training program that offers the students and future employee the opportunity to apply academic knowledge and skills in a professional setting while earning academic credits and edge of earning a new job. The trainings for the interns is expected to equip them with knowledge, skills, attitude and mind set required to render them more employable as they graduate.


Directorate of Quality and Safety, Training Unit dedicate its office to conduct excellent training, quality education, encourage innovative approach in strategic management plan to all the interns and post graduate trainees to achieve a higher degree of learning and position in the future.


The Unit will always provide affordable high quality education in a safe and secure environment to produce a well prepare graduates to take another step in their career to assume leadership responsibilities, and motivates the future employee for their profession to uphold.


It is the Unit’s continued concern and endeavor to produce outstanding graduates and prepare them to adapt to the work environment after graduation.
The Unit gives students practical field training serious attention and pursues the training in an organized and well-planned manner.
Furthermore, the unit’s internship training program provides the students with good opportunities to gain meaningful work experience in a field of interest and also to compete in the job market.

Scope of Service

  • Manage education activities related to Quality Improvement and Accreditation.
  • Assist in accreditation in KFHU activities.
  • Facilitate and oversee internship activities at KFHU.
  • Conduct and supervise related education and training activities and quality assurance activities.
  • Oversee the process of managing and coordinating routine activities related to Interns training.
  • Facilitate KFHU scholarship application process of DQS staff members.
  • Provide general competencies training and specialized programs designed according to specific requirements of departmental needs to equipped employees with essential quality improvement skills.
Published on: 23 January 2017
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