The Alumni Representative’s Council is considered a nucleus for the continuation of the effective connection and communication between the alumni, the college, and the university. It ensures on the spirit of belonging, service, and social responsibility towards society. Furthermore, The Alumni Representatives Council reflects the civilizational image of human integration, cooperation, and the transfer of experiences among members of the alumni community. It represents a sustainable series of giving graduates towards their colleges and university.

The Objectives of the Alumni Representatives Council (ARC)

  1. Finding a sustainable link between alumni of the program, college, and university
  2. Enhancing the spirit of cooperation and participation between the alumni of each program, the college, and the university to serve the graduate community.
  3. Developing the abilities of alumni to actively participate in the service of the graduate community.
  4. Developing the skills of leadership, effective communication, and community participation among alumni.
  5. Participation and exchange of professional experiences between the alumni community.
  6. Participate in organizing the activities of the alumni center and career development to serve the graduate community.
  7. Educating the alumni and urging them to represent the university in the labor market.
  8. Increasing the loyalty of the alumni toward their colleges, university, and homeland.

Duties and Responsibilities of Alumni's Representatives

By committing to serve on the IAU Alumni Representatives toward the Center’s success. Below are the key duties and responsibilities. 

  1. Serve as an ambassador and spokesperson for Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University in your area.
  2. Attend regularly scheduled Alumni Council meetings (once a year).
  3. Make a yearly “Alumni Area Gathering”.
  4. Attend alumni events and encourage participation in them (i.e., Alumni Weekend, Alumni Awards Ceremony, and National Tour)
  5. Nominate candidates for our Alumni Awards Ceremony.
  6. Recruit alumni volunteer for future alumni programs and events.
  7. Submit a calendar of planned activities and events for the year to the Alumni Center
  8. Marketing and developing relationships with Alumni through participation in IAU Contribution programs
  9. Hold meetings and events within the local community.
  10. Inform alumni in your community about the University and the Alumni Center.
  11. Regularly communicate with Alumni Center (i.e., notify us if there is a change in your leadership, upcoming event, etc.)
  12. Participate in alumni conference calls.

You can learn more about our ambassador using the following link

The First Meeting of Alumni Representatives

The Alumni Center and Career Development held the first meeting for alumni representatives in November 2023, and it was a vital, aspirational, and effective meeting with graduate representatives. During the meeting, we discussed the needs of graduates and the labor market challenges. Based on this meeting, a set of recommendations were taken regarding training and qualifying graduates in the legal aspect. A group of workshops and courses were prepared to qualify and increase graduates’ awareness of legal matters.

Conditions and Membership

All alumni have the right to apply for Alumni Representatives Council member who has not been issued any disciplinary punishment according to the following conditions:

  1. The cumulative rate of the graduate should not be less than 3 out of 5.
  2. The graduate must be recommended witnessing in good behavior by the college.
  3. The graduate should be active and participable in college activities.
  4. The number of remaining semesters for graduation does not exceed two semesters.
  •  It is preferable that the graduate be employed in one of the prestigious and reputational companies or institutions, whether local or international, or enrolled in postgraduate studies.

If you would like to be a part of the Alumni successions, kindly contact us through the following emails or numbers.

Tel: 0133335933 / 0133333158

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