The university encourages everyone in general and alumni to renew the bonds of interdependence between them and the university through collective contribution and support, which enables the university to deal with urgent needs, unexpected opportunities, and new ideas. The alumni center and career development deal with alumni Contributions directly upon receipt through the official channels, which are considered an essential complement to the endowments of the university, which are invested in the long term.

The alumni’s contributions are a message to the university community (new students, faculty members, administration...etc.) and the whole community that it is possible to rely on alumni as a source of strength and an effective representative of all activities and events organized by the university, whether internally or externally. In addition, the contributions and volunteering of graduates gain them more knowledge and enrich and develop their skills.

The Alumni and Career Development Center offers a sustainable initiative where it receives graduates as volunteers and prepares, trains, and qualifies them inside the center through the various activities, events, and works carried out by the center, in addition to directing them to many colleges within the university to join them as volunteers. In addition, the center guides and nominates graduates for various community volunteer work.

Support The University

Giving through The University Fund is a message to students and faculty that they can count on alumni.

In addition, when considering (their own gifts, foundations, corporations, and other major donors) scrutinize the percentage of alumni who participate in annual funds. This participation rate is also a factor in university ranking systems. High marks from the University help attract the most talented students and faculty in the world.

To contribute that is commensurate with your capabilities, please communicate through the official channels of the Alumni Center and Career Development.

Why is volunteering Important? 

  • Build a relationship with new people.
  • Share information and knowledge.
  • Acquire professional skills.
  • Increase experience.
  • Give something back to the community.
  • Make a difference and greatness in the lives of others.
  • Aware of value and part of a work team.
  • Get huge benefits from time investment.
  • Improve your CV.
  • Permanent communication with the university.
  • Sowing the value of loyalty and belonging to the university.

The relationship of Imam Abdul Rahman Bin Faisal University (IAU) with its alumni doesn’t end at graduation. But joining the University’s team of alumni volunteers is a great way to stay involved and begin the continuous process of giving.

Alumni Volunteers

IAU University students are a group of talented, looking for glory, passionate about success, analytical, hardworking, energetic, and ambitious, and surely can be a wealthy, valued asset to any organization.  IAU's alumni volunteers are passionate about participating in the lives of our current and new students and the continued success of the University.

Examples of areas that can be contributed:

Give Your Time

Just as importantly, you can give your time and expertise. There are several ways you can help, such as mentoring a student or recent graduate, acting as an ambassador for the University, or helping start or manage an alumni group. We’re working to make it easier for you to see all the opportunities and sign up online. In the meantime, if you’d like to get involved, just contact with us.

Colleges Giving

Making a gift to one of the Colleges’ Funds will allow you to have an impact on the academic area of your choice. Gifts will have an immediate effect on the faculties, as the money raised will be spent in the same financial year. The more support a faculty receives, the more projects it can fund and the more students it is able to support.

Library Fund

The University is one of the leading institutions in research excellence and is committed to supporting both staff and students with teaching and learning facilities of the highest standard. Located at the heart of the new Campus, the mission of the Central Library is to inspire the University's communities of students, researchers, and academics by connecting them to information and expertise across multiple platforms and disciplines.

Central Library remains an important space, especially for our students, who use the space for a range of purposes –for quiet study, collaborative group work, or for hot desking and office-type environments. It is crucial the library remains a state-of-the-art facility fit for the changing needs of our twenty-first-century students and academics and in keeping with the expectations of a world-leading institution.

Make a gift to the library to support its mission of enriching the learning experience for our current students, ensuring it continues to meet their diverse and changing needs.

Support for a Conducive Environment

The University is enhancing and modifying its campus to offer improved support for academic activities and to accommodate the larger student intake under the undergraduate program. These changes affect all major areas of our campus, including academic buildings, amenities, student hostels, and staff quarters.
Some of these changes have already been completed, but we hope to continue with our program of providing an environment that meets 21st-century needs and is conducive to research, learning, and student life. Your contribution to our building program will help to lay a strong foundation for our work.

Published on: 14 March 2016
Last update on: 04 January 2024
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