Establishment of the unit

The Unit was established with the approval of the Council of the university at its forty-fifth session, held on 17/3/1437 H. His Excellency the Minister of Education approved this decision in accordance with the letter of His Excellency the Secretary General of the Interim Committee, Acting Council of Higher Education, in letter No. 460 dated 21/4/1437 H.


Leadership and excellence in consulting services related to the applied aspects of student records systems in educational institutions.


Providing consultancy services and studies related to the applications of student records systems and their accessories in educational institutions to achieve quality in these services and contribute to the transformation of e-government.

Geographic scope of work of the unit

The unit can provide the services of consulting and studies on the applications of student records and provide its services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries systems.


  • Electronic Competitive Admission System.
  • Automate all applications and procedures related to the student records system and include the following:
    • Student status (postponement, apology, re-enrolment).
    • Application for change of program (transfer between colleges and change of specialization and type of study).
    • Applications for registration (closed section, extra hours, override requirement, etc.)
    • Financial applications (advance, subsidy, housing, etc.)
    • Course equivalence requests (transfer from outside the university or exemption).
    • Request to disclaim electronically.
    • Request a visit to another university.
  • System of housing accommodation of the students in the college after the preparatory year and through which open desires for students after the completion of the preparatory year, according to the terms of colleges and then compete with students on available seats and said cumulative GPA.
  • The system determines the specialization after the general program in the college and opens the wishes to the students of the college after the completion of the general program according to the specific conditions for each specialty and then competes for seats available according to their cumulative rates.
  • E - graduation student system and the graduation of students electronically so automatically make sure to finish all the requirements of the student's graduation.
  • Mobile Applications: Enables all users to access the student records system from their smart and efficient devices and to benefit from the available services.


  • Public and private universities
  • Governmental and private colleges
  • Training bodies
  • Institutes
  • School complexes


[Technical unit experiences related to the PeopleSoft (PS) system owned by [Oracle]

Participate in the works of the unit constellation of academics, technicians and officials in which a number of them their experience extends as many of ten years and has been put into practice all the advisers in the unit on applications relating to the system of student records for more than five years, which qualifies the unit to provide the services of consulting and the studies for the beneficiaries professionally. This is a brief of the previous experiences of the members of the unit. 

  • Project of installation and operation of the system of student records of Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University with a data transfer of more than forty thousand students from the system (Banner).
  •  Project to develop a system of student records at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University to reach finalisation for all services provided the Deanship of admission and registration so that the Deanship became "Deanship without papers".
  •  Project of installation and operation of the system of student records at the University of  Hafr al-Batin and the transfer of the system from E-register.
  • A project to transfer data of all old graduates including paper and electronic data to the system of student records, including female students, and all data of these students became in one system.

What does the unit offer

  1. Study the needs of the educational and training institutions related to services of the records of students or trainees and identify the appropriate solutions to meet them.
  2. Develop a manual of conditions and specifications for the system of student records according to the needs of the beneficiary.
  3. Full supervision of the installation and operation of the student records system in any beneficiary.
  4. Sell ​​any of its products with installation and operation in the system of student records (PS) belongs to the beneficiary.

Advantages and Prospects for the Beneficiaries

That all services provided by the unit based on the maximum benefit from the technology, which will bring a lot of advantages and facilities for the beneficiary institutions including:  

  • Facilitating the completion of the auditor from his place.
  • Providing services with the least effort and time.
  • Achieve high quality performance with tight documentation of procedures.
  • High accuracy in execution which is not subject to human errors.
  • Green environment employs electronic transactions without any paper printing.
  • Ensure that no overtaking in the procedures where programming all the applications according to the list of study and tests.

You can contact the unit by e-mail:


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