The University advocates the use of the electronic admission process where the application process takes place through the University Website.  Students can familiarize themselves with all University programs and admission requirements and be able to secure a place at the University that matches with their interests and their acquired balanced percentages.

Electronic Admission Gate

The main objective of the electronic admission gate is to receive and sort out applications for admissions electronically.  It also introduces students and parents to the rules and regulations of admission and advises them on how to properly submit these applications as well as set up a time-line based plan for all stages of the students' admission process.  The FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions section provides a wealth of information as well.  The gate displays a short video, which explains the admission steps, answers results-related queries, the appropriate method of sending the required documents in addition to the direct support icon, which is used to communicate with all the applicants and answer admission-related inquiries.  The knowledgeable staff at the live support center are properly trained to handle requests such as alteration/modification of information and data that is entered incorrectly by applicants.

Published on: 09 April 2014
Last update on: 05 October 2022
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