The Deanship of Admissions and Registration is one of the most important pillars of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University. It forms the link between the university and the society, and between colleges, faculty members and students. It begins with the life of the university student and continues with academic follow up until the student graduates to contribute to build the country with the knowledge and skill acquired during the period of university studies.

In this regard, the Deanship looks forward to excellence in admission and registration processes by adhering to the best standards in providing all its services and seeking to attract the best students and achieve transparency and justice among them during their academic career to contribute effectively to achieve the vision of the Kingdom and the University towards global leadership and excellence in building the knowledge society.

The role of the material lies not only in the implementation of admissions and registration processes, but also in the awareness, The Deanship's website contains adequate information about the University, its faculties, specializations, and admission requirements, and provides the student with the necessary regulations and rules that he needs during his course of studies such as the system of study, tests, calendar, stipends, and others. The Deanship also provides the data and the statistics related to students to the concerned departments of the university in order to develop the services of the university and the service of its employees and graduates.

During the past years, the Deanship witnessed remarkable developments in speeding up and improving admission and registration procedures as a result of modern technological developments that help speed up and improve the mechanism of work, completion of tasks, simplification of procedures and transition to the electronic work environment in accordance with the wise leadership's directives to move towards the implementation of the concept of digital government.

The Deanship works effectively with the electronic admissions program in order to facilitate admission processes and increase their effectiveness in a way that helps to make the most of the available university seats. Also during the study of the academic student activating the role of the electronic academic system, which includes the automated registration system, the academic follow-up system, monitoring of results, graduation of students, disclaimer and many other services.

The Deanship continues its efforts to make the best use of modern technologies to facilitate and develop academic processes to serve the faculty members and students alike while adhering to the highest standards in providing all its services in order to serve this distinguished university and develop its outputs in keeping with the aspirations of this generous country. May Allah grant ability and success.

Dr. Abdullah Saed Al Murayh
Dean of Admissions and Registration Deanship

Published on: 27 February 2018
Last update on: 04 October 2022
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