Public Relations and Communication Unit 

The Public Relations Unit aims to strengthen and support relations between the center and the university's entities, private and government agencies and other entities with which the center deals, and to introduce the center's activity, objectives and mission.

Strategic Planning and Quality Control Unit

The Strategic Planning and Quality Control Unit aims to prepare both strategic and operational plans of the center, follow up on their implementation, measure performance, prepare information and statistical reports, propose the necessary changes and maintain the quality system.

Administrative and Financial Affairs Unit

The Administrative and Financial Affairs Unit seeks to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of human resources at the center and provide all financial services according to the center’s bylaws, regulations and manuals.

Business Development Unit

The Business Development Unit aims to develop performance in the implementation of training and continuous learning programs using specific methods and strategies. It also seeks to expand the range of activities within the scope of the Center's goals. in addition, the unit also follows up on the achievements of the units and subcommittees through periodic performance reports.

Training Unit

Providing an interactive training environment and diversifying e-learning resources, the training unit aims to implement the training plans for the programs in light of national and international trends and develop them continuously. It also performs direct supervision on the affairs of trainers and trainees for improvement purposes.

Professional Certification and International Testing Unit

The unit supervises the implementation of professional certification exams and international tests and holds its own training courses.

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