The center was established as part of training and community service centers of teachers' colleges formerly associated with the Ministry of Education to implement educational and cultural programs to fulfill the needs of community members.

Later the center was transferred from Community Service and Continuing Training Center to Training and Community Service Center, to be one of the models in providing training and continuing education services to the community, as it provided a variety of educational and development training programs over the past twenty-two years for many individuals, entities and institutions.

The center was developed to become an educational and training entity with diverse services, and in 2020, a proposal was presented to develop the Training and Community Service Center into a center for continuous/ lifelong learning as one of IAU initiatives of the National Transformation Program 2020, which was supported by the Saudi Vision 2030 Realization Office at the Ministry of Education.

The decision of transforming Training and Community Service Center into Continuous Learning Center has defined the role and the mission of the center in addition to its organizational independence. In 2021, the provision of training programs was assigned within the activity of applied colleges. Accordingly, the Continuous Learning Center was transferred to be part of the Applied College at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University.


Leadership in providing lifelong learning that fulfills the requirements of the labor market.


Providing continuous learning services and vocational preparation by using the most updated teaching strategies.


  • Strengthening the bonds of communication between Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University and all local communities by providing high-quality educational, training, technical and advisory services.
  • Reinforcing the role of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University in developing the local and regional community in the medical, engineering, scientific, educational and literary fields.
  • Improving the competencies and skills of community members through various fields of training.
  • Providing professional and vocational training programs and consultations that meet the needs of local and regional community organizations.
  • Establishing diverse partnerships between Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University and governmental and private sectors to fulfill the university’s effective role in developing community partnerships.
  • Providing the best educational and training practices based on the most updated global trends.
  • Carrying out academic studies in the fields of education, training and development.
  • Investing the manpower of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University in the field of training.
  • Increase the efficiency of trainees and raise their level of performance by acquiring technical, professional and cultural skills and expertise.
  • Renewing and updating the trainees' knowledge and skills whilst developing it to keep pace with scientific progress.
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