Academic Affairs is the mainstay of the college as it is concerned with serving students and faculty and providing a suitable educational environment to raise the level of education and ensure that graduates are distinguished and qualified for their future roles and responsibilities.  In addition to the executive role of setting and applying academic policies and procedures.    

The Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs is concerned with following the progress of the educational process in all programs while focusing on promoting quality practices and continuous improvement to achieve academic excellence in curriculum, teaching methods, and scientific research. 
The college's vice deanship is committed to providing support and guidance to its students and staff and supports academic and development activities.  
The Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs also seeks to achieve the vision, mission and objectives of the college, by building a unique personality for its graduates scientifically, skillfully, and professionally and qualifying them to perform their roles and responsibilities to serve the community and compete with the characteristics and requirements of the labor market.

Units and committees

  • Registration unit
    The unit supervises the registration of students in the courses and their commitment to the study plan prepared for them and coordinates with the Deanship of Admission and Registration and overlooks all things related to the college in the SIS electronic student records system.

  • Schedules unit
    A unit concerned with coordinating with the college departments to prepare study schedules, distribute classes, and prepare midterms and finals schedules.

  •  Academic Supervision Unit
    The unit is concerned with the supervision and follow-up of all students from their enrollment in the college until their graduation, where one of the faculty members in the academic program is nominated to carry out the tasks of academic supervision of different groups.

  • Supervision Services Unit
    The unit is concerned with following up on the academic status of students, providing support and guidance, working to develop their skills and solve their problems to adapt to university life, and coming up with ideas or methods that help them academically, socially, and psychologically. The unit works in coordination with the University Counseling Center.

  • Exam evaluation and quality unit
    The unit monitors the quality of the tests and aims to raise the quality of the performance evaluation of students in all academic programs in accordance with a methodology that ensures their validity and integrity to ensure that they achieve the objectives of the courses and quality standards in the evaluation and provide the departments with reports on the quality of the examinations. The unit follows the Electronic Correction Committee, where it performs the automatic correction of the tests using appropriate hardware and software to analyze the characteristics of the objective test.

  • Academic Affairs Committee
    The committee works to discuss the academic conditions of the college and the policies and procedures related to teaching and learning in the college as well as studying the cases of female students with regard to suspension and accepting excuses for absenteeism from exams.

  • Examination Progress Committee
    A committee concerned with the conduct of exams, their readiness, and confidentiality, and ensuring that the tests are conducted in a manner that guarantees quality in performance, and the study and examination regulations issued by the University Agency for Academic Affairs.
Published on: 18 April 2021
Last update on: 27 April 2021