Vice dean for Training Affairs Message

The internship period is considered the core of the academic journey, and the transitional phase from the theoretical learning to the practical application in institutions that might be the future working places. Therefore, the impression you leave at the hospital is crucial and taken into consideration with the GPA and other qualifications during recruitment. Employers usually seek commitment, morals and ethics in their future employees through the training centers. Based on that, interns should take responsibility and demonstrate integrity and honesty. In addition to, hard work, persistence, dedication, discipline, mutual respect, time and instruction adherence. This will guarantee the obtainment of the intended outcomes, which will reflect an honorable image for the department and university. Moreover, serving the community and contributing to the development of this nation will be rewarded by Allah.

Lastly, I pray for success and grant us loyalty and wisdom in decision making.  

Vice dean for training affairs

DR.Talal Mamdouh ALshammari


Internships Hospitals

  • Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare in Dhahran
  • Airbase Hospital in Dhahran
  • King Fahd Military Medical City
  • King Fahd University Hospital
  • Maternity and Children Hospital
  • King Fahd Alahsa
  • Qatif Central Hospital
  • Central Hospital
  • King Fahd Specialist Hospital
  • Jubail general
  • Royal commission hospital in Jubail

Published on: 03 December 2020
Last update on: 14 March 2022
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