The College of Applied Medical Sciences (CAMS) at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University was established to keep abreast with the developments in the field of medical care and to qualify specialists in the field of applied medical sciences in order to provide support and health care services for the community.

CAMS has a variety of academic programs that meet the needs of the society, preparing qualified technical professionals in the fields of curative, preventive and rehabilitative medicine in order to keep pace with the rapid developments in diagnosis, treatment techniques and scientific research.

The College of Applied Medical Sciences was established in 1419 AH/1999 CE. The Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences (CLS) was the first department in the College, which was followed by the Respiratory Care Department (RC), the first of its kind not only in the Kingdom, but also in the Gulf.

Later the Department of Physical Therapy (PT) and the Department of Health Information Technology and Management (HIMT) were established in order to meet the demands in the labor market.

In addition to the four initial departments, another four joined CAMS later on. The Department of Environmental Health (EH) prepares highly qualified people who study and evaluate environmental problems and the health affects on humans. The Department of Radiological Sciences (RS) trains specialists in radiation technology to work in hospitals and other specialized medical centers.  The Department of Cardiac Technology (CT) was established as the first of its kind at this level in the Kingdom and the Department of Clinical Nutrition (CN) was set up to educate specialists in this preventative care specialty. Lastly, the department of emergency medical services joined the college in 2014 which qualifies specialists in the field of medical emergencies.


Excellence, creativity, diversity, transparency, social responsibility.


Providing applied medical programs, conducting scientific research and cadres with high degree of professionalism with effective community partnership.


Distinction and creativity in applied medical specialties nationally, regionally and internationally.


  • Prepare qualified graduates who possess the knowledge and skills essential for providing professional services in hospitals, health centers and research centers in the Kingdom.
  • Promote proper professional behavior with patients, their families and other coworkers.
  • Attain the highest degree of training standards in all College specialties by collaborating with the Ministry of Health, as well as other universities.
  • Develop the presentation and research skills of the students by encouraging them to participate in scientific conferences and meetings inside the Kingdom and abroad.
  • Organize public lectures for the community to raise health awareness and offer constructive solutions.
  • Improve the students’ scientific research skills.
  • Establish postgraduate programs for the graduates of the College and for other researchers in the Kingdom.


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