Tasks of the Student Council

  1. Transfer students' suggestions and views to the Dean
  2. Represent the students of the college in meetings and events that may discuss students related academic issues inside or outside the college
  3. Work to implement the students’ suggestions and recommendations as well as solve their problems through coordination with the relevant authorities and in accordane with the regulations and policies of the College or through programs and activities supervised or implemented by the Students Council.
  4.  Find ways to deal with the challenges and the issues that the students may face within the university community.
  5. Supervising the students club and organizing various activities throughout academic year
  6. Contribute to solving the problems that may arise among the students.
  7. Provide support and assistance in both the academic and the social aspects to those who need them.
  8. Collaborate to make the college a professional educational community and a positive environment for generating and developing knowledge as well as gaining ideals, ethics and acquaintance.
  9. Participate in the development of programs and study plans in the faculty taking into consideration the suggestions of students or the evidence based knowledge of the needs of the labor market. This can be submitted to the Council by its members or any other individual who has an official status in the faculty.
  10.  Document all plans and activities of the student council.
  11.  Attend the meetings of the College Council upon an invitation from the Dean of the College if necessary.