1. Prepare the student activities plan.
  2. Contribute to the development of the student’s character scientifically, practically, culturally and socially.
  3. Train the students on becoming leaders capable of shouldering the responsibility and bearing the burdens of life.
  4. Strengthen the ties between the students and their professors a transfer of experience and knowledge can take place.
  5. Provide the students with opportunities to learn about administrative methods, public relations and human resources.
  6. Invest leisure time in beneficial positive programs.
  7. Help discover the students’ talents, refining and developing them.
  8. Increase the student’s knowledge and raisetheir cultural awareness in order to help advance their intellectual and behavioral levels.
  9. Boost the competitive spirit between the students through participating in cultural, sports and social competitions.
  10. Provide and organize the locations necessary for students activities.
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