College Pulse Magazine


An informational, cultural periodical on miscellaneous topics issued by the Public Relations and Media Committee of the College of Applied Studies and Community Service.  This magazine is published biannually.

Main Topics

The magazine deals with important issues related to academic and extracurricular activities for all staff and students.  The most important topics include conferences, forums and other voluntary events.  The magazine is considered a media platform for all university staff and students where they can express their views and ideas.  The magazine also pays great attention to spreading the culture of innovation through receiving students' contributions and highlighting projects from the annual Student Conference.  Moreover, College Pulse highilghts the most relevant recent decisions being made at UD as well as the most interesting and engaging future events.


The Editorial Board of the magazine consists of an integrated and diversified team, which seeks to continually improve and innovate with each forthcoming issue.


  1. Encourage and develop intellectual and academic talent among the College's employees and highlight their achievements.
  2. Involve College employees in the decision making process all the way through consultation on important issues of the College.
  3. Create an information platform used to promote communication between the University administration and the faculty as well as the College's administration with its employees.
  4. Provide a hub to document the events of the College, such as conferences and activities within the university and as well as other universities in the Kingdom.
  5. Spread awareness among the students and their parents of the latest developments and decisions issued by the University and the College's administration.
  6. Keep abreast of news through the recognition of the latest  scientific and academic developments at the University and in the region.
  7. Create a space for freedom of expression and constructive criticism through the application of an open-door policy between the students and the College's administration.

Published on: 17 August 2014
Last update on: 04 August 2016
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