The College of Applied Studies and Community Service offers a variety of academic opportunities from traditional bachelor degree programs to post graduate credential programs for established professionals.  The College offers vocational programs such as associate of arts degrees, as well as extension courses geared for busy professionals who need to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies.


The College of Applied Studies and Community Service aspires to have a leading role among colleges in the Kingdom by providing educational opportunities and offering academically based training programs for the community that will allow them to contribute to the growth and development of their communities.


The College will meet the needs of the community by providing the opportunity for the public to earn professional degrees, which will assist them in their careers.  The College offers many opportunities for the community with training and continuous learning programs in order to help the community keep up with the fast-changing requirements of the labor market.


1. Provide a learning environment through:

  • The integration between the cognitive aspects of the administrative sciences and computer technology.
  • Interest in the transfer of professional expertise inside the classroom.
  • Continuous curricula development.

2. Develop students' abilities and skills through:

  • Actively improve communication and critical thinking skills.
  • Provide students with analytical skills and use quantitative methods to tackle problems.
  • Concentrate on standards of leadership, professional responsibility and moral values.

3. Service the local community by:

  • Providing opportunities to the graduates for continuous professional development by presenting specialized training programs and courses.
  • Attracting talented and outstanding graduates through master degree programs and scholarships.
  • Preparing applied research, which is an integral part of the process for finding solutions for community problems.
  • Establishing the rules of partnership between the College and the business community by frequently holding seminars and workshops.


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