The Awareness and Community Service Division is one of the divisions under the Vice Deanship for Studies, Development and Community Service in the College of Applied Studies and Community Service, which operates under the umbrella of the University's Community Service and Sustainable Development Deanship. The Division aims to support, organize and plan the community activities of the College's staff towards community service within an organizational and legal framework that reflects the vision and directions of the University.


“Leadership in community service and sustainable development.”


“Activating the role of the College of Applied Studies and Community Service in raising awareness, community service; and social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable development to meet the needs of society.”

Organizational Structure

  • Dr. Adel Bin Abdulmohsen Al-Dhuwaihi (Vice Dean for Studies, Development and Community Service)
  • Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Farhan (Head of the Division)
  • Dr. Azhar Saeed Alhammali (Vice Dean Coordinator for Female Section)
  • Ms. Thuraya mufarah alkhaldi (Division Coordinator for Female Section)
Division Members:
  • Dr. Tamer Hashem Farag
  • Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Amin
  • Ms. Fayha Al Robeaan


  • Implementation and dissemination of community service and sustainable development policies.
  •  Transfer and settlement of knowledge in community service according to quality and excellence standards.
  • Achieving community integration through the activation of strategic partnerships with the public and private sectors.
  • Achieving institutional sustainability through designing initiatives and the implementation of development programs and projects.
  • Promoting the concepts of volunteerism in correspondence with specialization and the field of community service and sustainable development.

Applying for Community Services Mechan

  1.  Send the form for providing a community service to the Division official for approval by the College administration (form attached link).
  2. Enter the University’s Community Service Portal, complete the pre-service ticket on the Social Responsibility Bank Gate, and notify the Division official.
  3.  After service is provided, the post-service ticket is updated at the Social Responsibility Bank, and the Division official is notified.

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