1. Promote awareness of the concept of quality as well as the importance of applying the system of quality assurance and educational accreditation among the faculty students and staff.
  2. Suggest development plans for the faculty, the departments and then present them to the faculty council.  
  3. Follow up on the assessment of the academic staff members.
  4. Follow up on the assessment of the students.
  5. Follow up on  the achievement of the academic accreditation requirements.
  6. Constantly coordinate with the quality and academic accreditation administration at the University
  7. Follow up on the application of the educational plans
  8. Study how to improve the working and teaching environment and develop it to in order to keep abreast with educational developments. 
  9. Suggest a system and criteria for rewards and benefits for outstaning performance in the fields of education and administration for faculty.
  10. Suggest and evaluate the developmental courses in order to raise the efficiency and skills of the members of the academic staff and employees.
  11. Prepare innovative initiatives for projects and services with the aim of developing the performance of the different departments.
  12.  Enhance the skills of the members of  the academic staff by designing and developing the educational curricula and puttin it online.  
  13. Assess the actual performance of all the committees.
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