The College of Arts was opened in Dammam under the supervision of the General Presidency for Women’s Education in 1399 AH/1979 CE and was one of the first academic institutions available to women in the Eastern Province.  The College began with five departments:  Islamic Studies, Arabic Language, English Language, History and Geography and quickly expanded in 1984 in order to accommodate both master and PhD candidates, who would later go on to become not only faculty members, but administrators at the College of Arts.

In 2002 the College of Arts began the process of collaboration with the Ministry of Education.  In 2004 it came under the auspices of the Ministry of Higher Education when it became part of King Faisal University, which in 2009 became known as the University of Dammam.

The College of Arts has recently expanded to include several new departments.  In  2010 the Department of Library and Information Science was opened and in 2011 the Department of Sociology and Social Service was established.  In 2013 the Department of Communication and Information Technology got its start. The administration at the College of Arts looks forward to continuing its role in educating the women of Saudi Arabia, by continually developing, assessing and improving the curricula, expanding its programs and inspiring its students.


Excellence in the Humanities:  locally, regionally and globally.


Provide quality educational programs, while developing research capabilities in accordance with international quality standards and a commitment to values, identity and community partnerships.


  • Develop rigorous academic programs and prepare qualified professionals equipped with the skills and knowledge in order to effectively compete in their fields of specialization.
  • Encourage scientific research and continually assess and update priorities according to the needs of the community and emergent requirements.
  • Foster and develop an Islamic and Arab identity through various programs and activities.
  • Initiate community partnerships relevant to the College’s academic disciplines.


The College hopes to instill and encourage in its students values inherent to Islam and inspire its students to strive for and exemplify the principles of sincerity, excellence, precision, transparency and the spirit of teamwork.

Key Performance Indicators