About the Unit of Culture & Arts

Remarks by Dr. Meshael Alokly, Dean of College of Arts:

In the era of globalization, populations face great challenges, including the most serious cultural challenge, and threats arising from the attempt to impose a single model, and the abolition of multiculturalism, which was the prevailing model of humanity and one of its most beautiful characteristics. Therefore, such abolition and marginalization will affect the weaker cultural models. Thus, higher education institutions must do their part in preserving, developing, and consolidating culture and identity.

Today, our country is experiencing a great cultural renaissance supported by our leaders which resulted in the emergence of an independent ministry, the Ministry of culture, and eleven independent bodies that are concerned withCultural Affairs in various specialties and directions, such as the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission, the Museum Commission, the Heritage Commission، and others.This came from being one of the components of the Quality of Life that Vision 2030 seeks to achieve. 

In this context, it was necessary for the College of Arts to have a prominent role and participate in this distinctive cultural movement as an essential partner with its programs and departments that are organically linked to the cultural aspect of Vision 2030. Based on the vision of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University, its mission and goals, the vision of the College of Arts and its cultural role in the region as a cultural scientific beacon, we intend to establish a cultural unit at the College of Arts to lay a brick in building a cultural model that begins with the community of the College, and does not end with the wide area of the region, but extends to even wider horizons.

Remarks Dr. Abdulaziz AlSuliman, Head of the Culture and Arts Unit:

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

The launch of the "Culture and Arts Unit" came as a result of lively thinking, and as a result of continuous conscious efforts led by Her Excellency the dean of the College Dr. Mashael Alokly and her team, based on the University's vision to achieve leadership and excellence in the knowledge, research and professional services it provides, and in an effort to complete the achievement of the objectives of the College of Arts, which include: enhancing Arab and Islamic identity through academic programs, educational and cultural activities, and activating community partnerships related to academic disciplines.

Cultural work is a heavy industry and a crucial strategic choice, therefore, it is not an easy, successful, or quick-to-prepare, as it needs a lot of effort, time, and support, and it also needs prudence in thinking and planning, experience in implementation, and sustainability in consideration, diligence, effort and follow-up. “Culture” in its Arabic linguistic root means, among other things: dexterity, understanding and speed, control, victory while in some European languages, the word “culture” denotes the plowing of the land, its cultivation and development.

As for the term, (and the concept of culture-as you know - is a modern concept), its definitions have multiplied and diverged, and perhaps AlEnasy’s definition was one of the most prominent and famous of those definitions. In this definition it means: that complex whole which includes knowledge and beliefs, Arts, Law, Ethics, traditions, customs, and other habits that a person acquires as a member of society.

At the "Culture and Arts Unit", we have chosen to proceed along this busy avenue, which sees culture in its dynamic, holistic dimension that touches all aspects of life: knowledge, systems, thought, creativity, work, modes of production and behavior. We are convinced of the centrality of the role that culture plays in building societies, shaping and developing them, deepening cultural identity, enhancing its existence, opening its windows to the fresh air by creating more opportunities for communication, understanding, exchange, and harmony in the relationship inside and then in weaving relations with the outside.


Intellectual and cultural leadership.


To contribute to the Saudi society culturally and intellectually, and to open up to the global community through the introduction of creative works and outstanding cultural activities.


  • Cultural and knowledge exchange between the university as represented by the Unit of Culture and Arts and various community groups.
  • Enriching the cultural and artistic scene and encourage reading and writing through the publication of literary, cultural, and critical articles, creative writings, photography, drawings and graphic designs.
  • Attracting creative people from inside and outside the University and providing them with opportunities to share their works.
  • Encouraging translation by publishing translations of outstanding cultural and literary works.


  • Dr. Mashael Ali Al Okaly, Dean of Collage of Arts and Founder of the Unit of Culture & Arts 
  • Dr. Abdulaziz Mohmmed Alsuliman, Head of the Unit of Culture & Arts
  • Dr. Aishah Emad AlReshoud, member 
  • Dr. Iman Abdulrahman Almulla, member
  • Dr. Khalid Saleh AlZahrani, member
  • Dr. Nayef Abdullateef Alhaboob, member
  • Lect. Shmayl Yousef Alaboud, member
  • Ms Abeer Ali Alabdulkader, member
  • Ms Maha Ali AlGhamdi, secretary 

You can contact us by the Unit of Culture & Arts Email : ca.uca@iau.edu.sa


Published on: 16 March 2023
Last update on: 12 April 2023
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