The College of Arts has (10) computer labs and a number of other specialized labs (Geographical and Geographic Information Systems “GIS” labs, surveying & mapping labs, press photography lab, bibliographical lab, English Language phonetics lab) which are essential labs for teaching courses of various academic programs; furthermore, (2) audio recording studios are available for Distance Education Programs and all computer labs have been equipped with state-of-the-art devices powered by Windows 10 operating system and Microsoft Applications 2010.
Moreover, special software has been installed for students with various academic specialties in order to enhance student learning and improve their achievement level. Internet access, e-mails and printer services are also available in each lab. 

Computer Labs Objectives

  • Provide infrastructure for technical components and equipment in order to achieve the objective of the educational process.
  • Render services for students, teaching staff, their assistants and researchers in fields of using computers so that they may be able to accomplish their various tasks of research, learning, teaching and training.
  • Join study courses and theoretical lectures with practical training and experiments to verify students’ understanding and comprehension.
  • Train students on programs that serve particular courses.
  • Hold training courses in labs and various workshops.
  • Provide technological and technical capabilities necessary for practicing all activities and trainings necessary to meet all requirements of academic programs.
  • Give opportunity for students to navigate through the World Wide Web and hence benefit from latest developments in the various fields of study.
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