The Press Photography Lab has been established in 1436H for the academic course (Press Photography Art) taught in the third academic year (sixth level) with view to train students on computerized press photography layouts and on indoor, outdoor photography and also on modern techniques used in digital photography so that they might be able to acquire skills in using latest means of photography and deciding on the dimensions of photos and to have the ability to give opinions on photographical products and to distinguish between classical and electronic photography and to be able to deal with the camera and to have a fast response in capturing a scene.

In order to achieve these aims, the lab has been equipped with many facilities and equipment, such as:

  1. (3) Pro-digital cameras with stands.
  2. Papers designed for printings photos.
  3. Papers of various sizes (from A2-A8).
  4. Colored printer for printing A4 papers and even smaller size ones.
  5. Scanner.
  6. (1) Apple desktop PC with software like Adobe Photoshop.
  7. Flash memory
  8. A flat non-reflective blue-colored rollup backdrop for editing photos (Chroma).
  9. (2) Backlights for lighting.