IAU is proud to have graduated visionary CEOs, scientists, university presidents, vice presidents, famous authors, and innovators.

The following list consists of IAU's Alumni who have reached high goals and positions if you feel you should be in our Notable Alumni list please be free to fill out this form>

Meshaiel Bint Ali ALokly

  • Dean of the College of Arts
  • Advisor to Vice- president for Academic Affairs for Student S support
  • Head of Student Support Development at the university
  • Deputy- Dean of the College of Arts for Academic Affairs
  • Supervisor of the Distance Education Examination Center
  • Coordinator of Academic Counseling Unit and -Alumni &Career Development – College OF Arts
  • Deputy – Head of Dept . of Arabic Language

College of Arts-1413 - Arabic Language

Horia Mohammed Al-Otaibi

  • Dean of Community College.

B.Sc. in Arabic Language, 1998
Master's in literature and Criticism, 2003
Ph.D. in Literature and Criticism, 2011
College of Arts

Hamda Khalaf Al-Enizi

  • Shura Council Member
  • Vice Dean of the College of Arts at King Faisal University.

Ph.D. in Arabic Language, 2008
College of Arts

Najah Muqbil Al-Qarawi

  • Previous Dean of the Deanship of Community Service and Sustainable Development.

Ph.D. in Geography, 2004
College of Arts

Latifa Ahmed Al-Buaineen

  • Dean of the College of Education in Jubail.

Ph.D. in History, 2004
College of Arts

Hessah Barrak Al-Anaz

  • Dean of the College of Arts and Science in Nuayriah and Qaryah Alolya.

Ph.D. in English Language, 2004
College of Arts

Hind Khalid Al-Zahid

  • Hind Khalid Al-Zahid

    Vice Minister of the Saudi Ministry of Civil Service for Women Empowerment 2019

  • Director of the Businesswomen Center in the Eastern Region Chamber of Commerce.

B.Sc. in English Language, 2001
College of Arts

Malekah Baker Al-Tayar

  • Director Assistant for Educational Affairs in the Eastern Province
  • Educational Consultant at the General Directorate of Education in Eastern Province.

Ph.D. in History, 2001
College of Arts

Amera Ahmed Al-Jaafri

  • Vice President for Female Student Affairs 1441 AH - to date
  • Dean of the College of Arts, 1435-1441 A.H.
  • Vice Dean of the Deanship of University Education Development for Administrative Development 1434-1435 AH
  • Vice president of Library Affairs Deanship 1430-1434 AH
  • Vice- President of post-Graduate Studies Deanship 1428-1430 AH
  • Vice- President of post-Graduate Studies Deanship for females ’Colleges, 1427-1428 AH
  • Dean of the College of Arts, 1424-1427 A.H.
  • Vice Dean of of post-Graduate Studies , College of Arts 1416-1420 A.H.

Ph.D. in History, 1995

MA in Arts/ specialty: Islamic History 

BA in History

College of Arts

Sara Abdulmehsin Al-Saud

  • Consultant at the University of Sharjah and a member of the Islamic International Committee for Women and Children.

Ph.D. in Islamic Studies, 1992
College of Arts

Nourah Massoud Balharith

  • Rector Advisor in Princess Nourah Bint AbdulRahman University 2018 – 2019
  • Chairman of the Books and References' Committee in the Department of Applied Linguistics, Faculty of Languages 2017 - 2018
  • Coordinator of Princess Princess Nourah Bint AbdulRahman University with the Ministry of Higher Education for the sixth scientific conference for students of higher education 1435 – 1436.

Ph.D. in the English Language, 1987
College of Arts

Jawahir Abdulmehsin Al-Saud

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

M.A in History, 1986
College of Arts

Sabah Ahmed Al-Saleh

  • Director of Educational Supervision in Qatif.

B.Sc. in History, 1983
College of Arts

Shamsa Ali Mohammed Al Blushi

  • Director of Educational Supervision in the Eastern Province.

Ph.D. in Islamic Studies, 1982
College of Arts

Hajar Mohammed Howsai

  • A former Director of the Planning and Development Unit in the Ministry of Education in the Eastern Province in KSA.
  • An accredited specialist from the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation and a certified trainer in Human Resource Development.
  • A former principal and head supervisor of KFUPM private school in Dhahran.
  • Experience in developing managerial and educational behavior.

B.Sc in Islamic Studies, 1983
College of Arts

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