The vice deanship of Academic Affairs and its various units are part of the business administration college and seek to achieve the vision, mission, and objectives of the college emanating from the University's strategic plan. Students are the core of our concern, raising their level of understanding and developing their talents and abilities to the fullest extent possible is one of our most important goals. Therefore, the deanship of Academic Affairs is committed to providing the appropriate learning environment for male and female students, by developing academic programs for all departments of the college following international academic standards and references. Thus, enhancing career opportunities for graduates of the College of Business Administration. The Deanship of Academic Affairs also seeks, in coordination with the relevant authorities at the university, to provide scientific references for all college programs and make them available to all students. In addition, one of the academic affairs important priorities is to follow up on the status of students academically through academic, psychological, and social guidance to overcome any obstacles any student might face in coordination with the college departments and with the Guidance and Student Counseling Center at the university.


Registration and Scheduling Unit

The unit is responsible for supervising and following up on all work related to educational and academic aspects in order to achieve the general objectives of academic accreditation standards that including requests for transfer and visits from inside and outside the university and solve any problems might face the student during the registration period and follow up on different types of requests such as apology, postponement, re-registration, change of major, equations and requests for grievance.
The Unit is also keen to provide an integrated academic service to all students and faculty members to improve the educational process. It also means preparing schedules for all courses based on different factors including numbers of students, classrooms, and laboratories to ensure that students are distributed equally among course sections.

Coop Training Unit

It is a joint program between the College of Business Administration and various employers to achieve the highest degree of harmonization between students' knowledge achievements at the college and what is required in the labor market in its various organizations.

Curriculum Unit (CU)

This unit is dedicated to supervising and managing all activities related to the development of college study plans, curricula, and programs, including updating existing programs, establishing new programs to keep pace with scientific development and labor market requirements, and updating study plans to keep pace with change. 

Examination and Exams Quality Unit

The unit specializes in monitoring and reviewing used methods to evaluate students' performance in the college to ensure the quality and to follow the national standards, policies, and regulations issued by the Center of Quality of Assessments and Exams supervised by the Vice Presidency of the University for Academic Affairs.

Academic Advising Unit

The Academic Supervision Unit is responsible for students’ academic advising to assist them to understand university policies and procedures and to guide them in choosing courses and majors commensurately to complete their study plan. The unit also provides psychological advisory services to ensure a suitable and comfortable healthy environment for the student while studying in the college and transfer if needed to the competent authorities. These services are free of charge and confidential and also help the student to overcome problems and difficulties that may affect their studying journey. 

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Tel: 32123

Members' names

  • Dr. Bashair Althani
  • Asya Alshehri .
  • Mhsena Al jabri .
  • Ghada Al qarni .
  • Aljohara Alsowaye .
  • Hassan Alsulayman .

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