The College of Pharmacy Wins 3rd Place in KSAPT21's Drug Awareness Competition

The 1st Drug Awareness Competition was held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Pharmacology and Toxicology (KSAPT 2021) conference.

Several Saudi universities participated in the competition, in which Othman Jamal Al-Lail and Osama Al-Saleem's teams won third place and were the youngest participants at the competition.

Their participation expressed the safe use of Bronchodilators and Cortisone medications and the difference between them. To deliver this awareness message to the public that are not specialized in the medical field, they made a video clip to communicate all ideas in a creative way.

The participants were subjected to several precise criteria and various qualifications. The competition was fierce among the students to present the best participation that contained a mixture of scientific, artistic, and social presentation.

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Published on: 15 February 2022
Last update on: 15 February 2022
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