Since its formation in 1351H (1932CE), the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made the welfare and health care of its citizens a priority by establishing such health institutions as the medical, dental, pharmacy and applied medical sciences colleges. With the current development in the private and government hospitals, the pharmacist’s work has evolved from a mere dispenser of medicines to an active participant in the total care of patients. This has led to changes in the curricula of existing pharmacy colleges to cover this new role. Most of the newly established colleges of pharmacy are designed as “colleges of clinical pharmacy” with the focus on patient care.

The College was established by the Royal Decree no. 5088/MB dated 7/8/1432H (8/7/2011CE). The College has since then strived to deliver the high-caliber PharmD program for pharmacy students in 1434/1435H (2013/14CE). The College has a six-year PharmD program. 

The College is at the final stages of submitting the self-study report of the PharmD program to apply for the NCAAA accreditation.


A leading college in pharmacy education, transformative healthcare, community service, and innovative and translational research.


To advance pharmacy profession through innovative teaching and learning practices, impactful research, inter-professional collaboration, partnerships, and community engagement in a sustainable environment.


Equality, professional, excellence, teamwork, diversity, creativity & innovation, life-long learning, social responsibility.


  • Enable the students at all levels to acquire up-to-date knowledge and skills that help them to pursue higher education to meet their career goals.
  • Ensure that all graduates are committed to Islamic values, and professional ethics.
  • Ensure conducting quality research using state-of-the-art technology and resources.
  • Developing and sustaining the self-income sources of the college.
  • Maintain and enhance the quality assurance management system.
  • Advance and sustain national and international college’s reputation through strategic

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