College of Computer Science and Information Technology 
Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University
PO Box 1982
Dammam 31451
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: + 966 13 333-2003
Dean’s Office:

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs:

Academic Affairs Unit:

Students' Academic Advising Unit:

COOP Training Unit:

Graduation Projects and Entrepreneurship Unit:

Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research:

CS Postgraduate Unit:

CIS Postgraduate Unit: CCSIT.

Recruitment Unit:

Scientific Research Unit:

Public Relations Unit:

Scholarship and Promotions Unit: CCSIT.

Library and Textbooks Unit: CCSIT.

Dean for Studies, Development & Community Service:

Academic Accreditation Unit:

Community Service Unit:

Teaching and Learning Unit:

Information Technology Unit:

Admin Staff Training and Development Unit:

Vice Dean for Female Affairs:

Students’ Activities Unit:


  1. Computer Science Department:
    • Supervises CS program 
    • Supervises courses coded with CS, except CS 222, CS 314, CS 414, CS 512
    • Supervises mathematical and statistical courses with the code of MATH, which are given for both general years and specialized years in the computer science program.

  2. Computer Information Systems Department:
    • Supervises CIS program 
    • Supervises courses coded with MGMT and CIS, except CIS 315


  3. Networks and Communications Department:
    • Supervises CYS program
    • Supervises courses coded with CYS, in addition to CIS  315

  4. Computer Engineering Department:
    • Supervises AI program 
    • Supervises courses coded with ARTI 
    • Supervises math courses, MATH, that are given in the specialized years in the AI program
    • Supervise PHYS 212, BIOL 222, CS 222, CS 314, CS 414, CIS 512 courses
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