About the Chair

The Saudi Aramco Chair for Cyber Security was established on 1/5/1442 AH corresponding to 16/12/2020 AD in the College of Computer Science and Information Technology at Imam Abdul Rahman bin Faisal University, funded by Saudi Aramco for a period of three years 

The financier's representative to the chair: M. Amr El-Sherbiny


A leading chair that achieves excellence locally, regionally, and globally in the field of cybersecurity.


To provide creative knowledge, research, and professional services in an effective community partnership in the field of cybersecurity.


Excellence, commitment, teamwork, diversity, creativity, and social responsibility.


1. Promoting research, innovation, and technology transfer in cybersecurity management and engineering.
2. Providing cybersecurity training to the academic, industrial and non-professional community.
3. Assess the cybersecurity needs of the community and provide solutions

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