Some faculty members are working in activating the activities and the initiatives of Saudi Aramco Cybersecurity chair as follows:

Chair supervisor

Dr. Abdullah Mohammed Almuhaideb

The Chair Professor

The offer and visa have been submitted, pending the completion of the contracting procedures.


Dr. Abdullah A. Alqahtani, Dr. Malak S. Aljabri, Dr. Khalid A. Alissa.

Research Principal

Dr. Dina A. Alabbad, Dr. Sumayh Aljameel, Dr. Amal Alahmadi, Dr. May I. Aldossary, Dr. Mohammed Al-Qahtani, Dr. Samiha Brahimi, Dr. Saqib Saeed, Dr. Nazar A. Saqib, Dr. Abdulrahman ALHARBY, Dr. Rashid Zaghrouba, Dr. Rami Mustafa, Dr. Fahad al-Haidari, Dr. Naya Naji, Dr. Maryam Ahmed

Research Associate

Dr. S.O. Olatunji (Aadam), Dr. Nasro min-Allah, Dr. Nehad M. Ibrahim, Dr. Atta Rahman, Dr. Gumathi Krishna, Mr. Saad A. Alharthi, Ms. Reem Al-Assaf, Mr. Hussein al-Attas, Ms. Malak K. AlFosail, Ms. Maryam M. Aldossary, M. Ghadir Al-Azman

Undergraduate Students

A group of outstanding students participates

Graduate students

A group of outstanding students participates


Mr. Yousof AlMunsour


Mr. Hussein Al-Shawkar

Other employees

Eng. Omar Al-Harbi, Mr. Hussein Al-Dabous, Mr. Hussein Alkhamis

Published on: 07 March 2022
Last update on: 25 May 2022
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