"Creating awareness about the cyber threat is more than necessary in a world where everyone is in the internet world. The Saudi Aramco Cybersecurity Chair is a collaboration initiative between Saudi Aramco and Imam Abdul Rahman Bin Faisal University represented by the College of Computer Science and Information Technology to promote research, innovation, and technology transfer in the field of cybersecurity management and engineering by attracting distinguished researchers locally and internationally to encourage joint action and achieve integration and permanent development to maintain the security and future of Saudi Arabia following its ambitious vision 2030.
The establishment of the chair embodies part of the strong, distinguished and lasting partnership between the University and Saudi Aramco, which contributes to the development and support of academic programs and conducting high quality scientific research and impact on both sides, as well as on the homeland and society, as well as translates this agreement to promote intellectual investment and excellence in the University and Saudi Aramco in the field of Cybersecurity by developing national competencies capable of keeping up with contemporary technical changes to deal with security threats and enhance their cybersecurity skills, including authoring and translation of books, conducting studies and research and strengthening the scientific dissemination movement in international scientific journals, implementing specialized training programs, organizing scientific events and programs such as conferences, seminars and panel discussions, and providing specialized advisory services, adding that this agreement is interested in planning, developing and implementing community awareness successfully through learning and continuing education programs, including the development of effective and practical ways to prevent violation of digital systems."

Dr. Abdullah Mohammed Almuhaideb

Published on: 07 March 2022
Last update on: 25 May 2022
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