The College was established in 1396 AH/ 1976 CE as a Math and Science Centre by the Ministry of Education in Dammam. In the following year, it became an intermediate college and in 1409AH / 1988CE, the college began awarding Bachelor of Education degrees from the Dammam Teachers College. In 1428 AH/ 2007CE, the college joined King Faisal University and changed its name to the College of Education. In 1430 AH/ 2007 CE, under a royal decree, King Faisal University became University of Dammam, currently Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University. The College of Education offers bachelor and master's degrees along with diplomas in the area of teaching and related fields.


To be pioneers in the arena of teaching education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by offering distinctive and exceptional training programs.


The College of Education aims at training outstanding educators who are prepared to handle the challenges of a knowledge-based society and to be able to compete globally. This can be achieved by establishing a highly effective educational and scientific society and creating a curriculum that is continually updated in order to reflect the latest developments to meet society and start educational initiatives, solve educational needs in accordance with national accreditation.


  • Provide educational excellence to contribute to the preparation and training of human resources culturally and rehabilitating them scientifically and professionally to carry out teaching tasks in public and in the field of education and education with special needs in various disciplines.
  • Developing scientific research and postgraduate studies in psychological and educational fields to improve the quality of educational outcomes. 
  • Build a genuine partnership with the Saudi society and the Arab communities by holding lectures, seminars and conferences related to the educational process.
  • Continuous improvement of academic, administrative and educational organizations.
  • Contribute to building an integrated and excellence learning environment that is characterized by creativity and positive interaction inside and outside of the College.
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