Academic Programs:

IAU College of Education awards bachelor’s degree of education program in kindergarten for female-students, and diploma of administrative communication skills for deaf students.

Admission to these programs is based on differentiation through the Deanship of Admission per the terms declared each year.

Regarding post-graduate programs, the College also awards the following (6) Master of Education programs as:

  1. Master of Educational Technologies
  2. Master of Foundations of Education.
  3. Master of Psychological Counseling
  4. Master of Curricula & Teaching Methodologies
  5. Master of Educational Administration & Leadership
  6. Master of Special Education (Learning Disabilities).

Admission is per conditions determined each year by Deanship of Graduate Studies.

*Higher Diploma Programs for Teachers: it is a project aims to raise the efficiency of teachers among male and female, to develop their specialties capacity for boosting educational outcomes. The project includes (18) higher diploma programs as below:



Physical Education and Self-Defense

Special education

Performing arts

Critical thinking

Financial Studies

Digital skills

Life and family skills

Computer Science





Principles of governance

Health and life



Undergraduate Programs

Program title Degree type Location
Bachelor of Education in Kindergarten BA Dammam

Postgraduate Programs

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