• The College of Science at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University was the first College in the Eastern Province to offer a bachelor degree program in science for women.
  • The College was founded in 1399 AH/1979 CE and four years later, 112 students graduated from the College of Science.  Since that time, the College has steadily grown with over 216 faculty members and over 3,100 graduates. 
  • In 1983 postgraduate programs for teaching assistants and lecturers from within and outside the College were set up and in 2004, master and PhD programs were implemented.
  • Several of the College’s faculty members have received prestigious academic awards of excellence in scientific research, such as the 'Almarai' Award for Science Innovation, the Scopus World Award and the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology Award (KACST).  In addition, the College has received the Prince Mohammed bin Fahd Award for Government Excellence during its third session in the Standards of Organization and Procedures.
  • The College is currently involved in the accreditation process under the auspices of The National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA).
  • The College is actively pursuing scientific research that focuses on solving problems through the establishment of multilateral research divisions, while implementing a multi-disciplinary approach.


Excellence in basic sciences and their applications, in accordance with national and international standards


Providing distinguished academic programs and scientific research with continuous quality in line with sustainable national development plans, within an attractive and stimulating environment for innovation, and with an effective community partnership


Loyalty, Excellence, Teamwork, Transparency, Diversity, Creativity and Social Responsibility


  • Provide high-quality educational programs in the field of basic sciences and their applications
  • Excellence in Scientific Research and Innovation
  • Promote communication and effective partnership between the college and the community
  • Enforce the College's values and develop the capabilities of its members
  • Sustain and develop infrastructure and facilities to provide a stimulating environment 
  • Develop administrative systems and ensure their quality 
  • Optimize the use of financial resources and diversify the sources of income
  • Enhance communication and information technology systems


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