It undertakes the general supervision of the administrative and financial affairs of the college, the development and implementation of plans and policies regulating the work, and the supervision of providing of the college’s needs for all its departments and laboratories, the follow-up of services, and the maintenance of its buildings and facilities.

Administrative affairs

All about administrative transactions:

  • Work culture and safety culture through awareness of a healthy work environment.
  • Developmental programs to raise the performance of administrative and technical female staff.
  • All matters related to the female personnel affairs unit and the issuance of assignments.
  • The laboratories of the College of Science and the follow-up to providing of all laboratory materials, tools, and safety requirements for laboratories.
  • Developing the college buildings and facilities and everything related to services and maintenance.
  • Technical equipment for classrooms and course halls
  • Creating an educational environment for people with special needs.

Financial Affairs

All about financial transactions at the  College of Science:

  • Checks received and disbursed from permanent advances.
  • Orders for needs related to laboratories, safety tools, technical and office equipment for classrooms, course halls, and offices through university warehouses or direct purchase.
  • Procedures for receiving and delivering the covenant.


Building an appropriate and effective work environment, providing administrative and financial services that meet the needs of female  College of Science members, working in a team spirit, employing programs and technology in all work, and developing capabilities and performance to the highest levels.


Distinguished cadre and an effective educational administrative environment to achieve the university's vision.


  1. General supervision of administrative and financial affairs. 
  2. Supervising its affiliated units and coordinating the work of these units to ensure their proper performance. 
  3. Follow-up and implementation of all administrative and financial systems and regulations, instructions, and decisions related thereto.
  4. Supervising the performance of finance through the application of the mechanism of disbursement from the permanent advance to the college and disbursement according to the rules, regulations, and provisions related to finance. 
  5. Supervising the management and safety of the college laboratories, following up on their requests, covering the needs, and supervising their development. 
  6. Supervising the progress of services and maintenance of the college's facilities and working to develop them. 
  7. Follow-up on providing of technical equipment and educational supplies necessary for all departments, deputies and scientific departments. 
  8. Developing and qualifying the administrative and technical staff by holding training courses in various fields. 
  9. Develop proposals to improve the performance level of female employees in the college. 
  10. Issuance of administrative assignments. 
  11. Implementation of strategic projects related to administrative and financial affairs. 
  12. Achieving safety requirements and conditions in all buildings and facilities of the college.
  13. Preparing periodic and annual reports on the proper progress of work, obstacles to work, and proposals for development, and submitting them to the Dean of the College. 
  14. Determining the college's needs in terms of human resources, equipment, and materials, and following up on the orders to provide them. 
  15. Work to preserve college property. 
  16. Supervising the receipt and delivery of the covenant. 
  17. Follow up the annual inventory of the college warehouse.

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