The Laboratory Management and Safety Unit is concerned with supervising everything related to laboratories in terms of orders, maintenance, returns, safety and organization of work that leads to integrated laboratories. 


Raising the level of laboratory management in the College of Science and taking care of the work environment, and raising the level of security and safety in them to achieve quality in performance and maintain the safety of lives and properties.


Excellence and leadership for the College of Science to have laboratories at a high level of organization, safety, and equipment, and to create a partnership among the laboratories of the different divisions for cooperation and rationalization in spending and consumption and to create a spirit of professional competence to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and excellence.


  1. Updating the database of chemicals, devices, and tools.
  2. Follow up on annual orders by coordinating with companies and receiving them for supply.
  3. Activate rotation among divisions for devices, tools, and chemicals.
  4. Providing the divisions with organizational work forms.
  5. Supervising the laboratories by making periodic tours.
  6. Supervising the maintenance of devices through coordination with the concerned authorities for the repair engineers' visit.
  7. Follow up on what has been reported for all the services required for the laboratories to the Maintenance Unit.
  8. Inventory of all non-activated devices in the laboratories in order to study the possibility of recycling them and send the list to all divisions as well as to the Research Center.
  9. Inventory of all devices that are not valid for the preparation of the return receipts and follow up with the concerned authorities.
  10. Preparing all letters and related to laboratories matters to the concerned authorities.
  11. Cooperating with the various committees that work to study the academic accreditation standards.
  12. Ensure that safety and security conditions are met in the laboratories by providing basic and advanced safety equipment.
  13. Cooperating with the Basic and Applied Scientific Research Center and coordinating between us to activate the circulation and borrowing of the materials of the laboratories to serve scientific studies and research.
  14. Contribute to community services and involve female laboratory technicians in that.

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