The Faculty of Science of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University is one of the oldest and largest faculties of the University and was founded in 1399 AH corresponding to 1979. The first batch of its students was graduated with 112 students in 1402/1403 AH. The number grew successively as the College developed and expanded its scientific standing in the community.

The faculty offers academic programs with qualitative specialized paths covering the bachelor's and postgraduate levels, where bachelor's degrees are awarded in four scientific programs: Mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. The programs "Environmental sciences" and "Statistics sciences" will soon be included in the academic program system, comprising approximately (207) Member of faculty and those who govern them in various disciplines, degrees and about (2300) female students. Also, it awarded master's and doctoral degrees in a number of postgraduate programs that are linked to issues of great importance to modern society and aligned with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030.

The faculty is constantly striving to excel and occupy an advanced position in the faculties of science at the corresponding universities. It works to achieve this goal by raising the level of performance in all aspects, especially academic, research, and providing an environment conducive to the delivery of effective outstanding education. One of its priorities is the appropriate scientific and professional composition for the graduate to ensure an ambitious career that serves the labor market and meets its needs and develops.

The faculty has pursued continuous development and upgrading of its educational outputs by updating its study programs; In order to keep pace with the recent scientific development and localization of the practice of reviewing, developing and constantly updating the outputs of its programs, based on the aspirations of the country and promising ambitious strategies in cooperation with our partners in different fields of work, and working tirelessly to develop interpersonal and qualitative programs that meet the need of the labor market of qualified national cadres capable of research, investigation and sustainability in knowledge.

The faculty continuously supports scientific research and promotes its outputs and directs its priorities to include all research related to "environmental sustainability and basic needs" associated with human basic needs for sustainable water, food and energy, through the development of modern, environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies.

The faculty is concerned with fulfilling its role in the service of society through educational and training programs and social activities that respond to society's needs and developments.

At the Faculty of Science, we are keen to apply the highest performance standards through a highly qualified academic, administrative and technical system; Let us strengthen our earnest and enduring quest for academic accreditation for all our programs.

In conclusion, we ask Allah to help and pay to perform honesty and achieve the goals within our role at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University one of the components of our beloved homeland.

Dr. Amal Lafi Al Otaibi 
Dean, College of Sciences


Published on: 22 March 2015
Last update on: 20 October 2022
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