Bachelor of Sharia program at the College of Sharia and Law at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, is a quantum leap in this feld, it has been designed to organize knowledge, skills and values ​​in a single format. 

In order to ensure the quality of the program, its outputs were formulated in the form of measurable outputs, and incorporated into the curriculum, which will provide strategies for education and new learning, promote critical thinking and analysis.


Leadership and excellence in jurisprudence and judicial sciences locally, regionally and globally.


Preparing distinguished scientific, research and skill competencies in jurisprudence and judicial sciences according to academic standards with societal participation.


ustice, righteousness, integrity, identity, loyalty, belonging, mastery, team spirit, participation, transparency, diversity, creativity, social responsibility.


  1.  Preparing and qualifying distinguished national competencies that contribute to community service in the legal and judicial fields.
  2.  Providing distinguished Sharia education, preparing qualified people in Sharia sciences, research skills, and vocational skills according to comprehensive quality standards, contributing to community service, and spreading the correct understanding of religion.
  3.  Providing the various fields of work in the society with graduates with high capabilities and competencies in the field of Sharia sciences, contributing to scientific research, and serving the community within the framework of Alwasatia and moderation.
  4.  Preparing graduates specialized in legal sciences, who are distinguished by moderate thinking, scientific and practical seriousness.
  5.  Gaining the confidence of society and the labor market by providing distinguished programs and qualified graduates who can meet its needs and keep pace with its developments.
  6.  Participating in meeting the community’s need for education, fatwa, guidance, and Sharia and legal advice.
  7.  Development of scientific research in the science of Sharia and revitalizing the movement of jurisprudence.

Published on: 11 June 2016
Last update on: 13 June 2017