The department deals with Saudi, contract and health staff issues from the beginning of employment until retirement or discharging. The department handles the issuing of travelling documents, attending Internal and external conferences and meetings and all the other staff related issues.

Rules and Regulations for the Administration Staff

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  • Civil Service Council System
  • Temporary Jobs System
  • Civil Service System Legislation
  • Minister, Vice Ministers and the Excellence Rank System.


  • Rights and Benefits
  • Rules for Training
  • Vacation Rules
  • Rules for Hiring Non-Saudis in Public Positions
  • Rules for Helpers
  • Performance Evaluation Rules
  • Sick Leave Acceptance Rules
  • Given Authority Rules
  • Payroll Rules
  • List of Job duties
  • Transportation Rules
  • Health Fitness Criteria for Occupying Public Jobs
  • Assigning Rules
  • Rules for Hiring Saudis in Public Positions
  • Guidelines for Compensating Employees who are Illegally Fired
  • How to Prove Health Disability
  • Organizing External Government Employees' Treatment
  • End of Service Rules
  • Promotion Rules
  • Internal Scholarship Acceptance Rules
  • Borrowing Rules
  • Scholarship Rules
  • Rules for Service Extension and Hiring Retired Personnel
  • Executive Plan for the Civil Service System.


Organizational Rules for a few Job Categorizes

Occupational Information




Study Permit


Occupation Rights and Duties


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