Passports & Government Relations

The department deals with issues related to the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties procedures, government issues such as; issuing and renewing passports, Iqamas, final exit, exit and entry visas and all other governmental related issues for the hospitals Saudi and contract staff. And we are currently working on educating our staff through holding periodical meetings and various training courses.

How to Complete an Electronic Transection?

  1. Choose a form from the HR page or start a new form with the help of an employee or the department.
  2. Send the form via email from your department, the email should be sent by the employee.
  3. The document will be received through any of the following:
    • E-Marasalat Program
    • The official email of the department
    • The official email of an employee
  4. The document will be reviewed by the director
  5. Forwarding the email to the specialized department
  6. Reviewing and accomplishing the document (issuing a decision – preparing a reply …)
  7. Forwarding the document to the secretary
  8. Receiving approval from the director (if the approval is not received, return to step 5)
  9. Secretarial procedures
    • Forward / reply to (administration – department – employee)
    • Archiving (softcopy – hardcopy)
  10. The final stages of accomplishing the task, enquire by a phone call or by visiting the HR department.

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