Through its programs, the computer department seeks to develop the students' basic skills in the field of IT. It aims to enable students to effectively operate computers in different environments. It also aims to develop the students' professional and theoretical skills in accordance with their future specialities.


  • Development of basic and advanced skills in dealing with the concepts of computer and information technology
  • Developing the ability of  applied knowledge of the students to enable them to deal with Microsoft Word and create Power Point presentations and that will help in progressing their educational process
  • Helping students develop their ability to use programs that assist in image processing and graphics designing, and linking them in different application software
  • Developing students' skills in using the basic principles of statistics and the application on the statistical program and E-Tables.
  • Benefiting from the technology provided by drawing and designing programs, with the help of the computer in completing many of the graphical operations more quickly and accurately, and presenting them in professional images
  • Developing the students' knowledge about search engines on the internet, use of the e-mail, and creating sites on the internet
  • Developing the students' skills of analysis, design and production of databases and learning how to create tables, forms, queries, and reports


Course Course ID
Computer Skills COMP-131
Computer Applications COMP-122