Leadership and excellence at the level of computer departments in the preparatory year deanships locally.


The Computer Department seeks to develop digital knowledge and skills for first-year university students and build community partnerships that contribute to the development of society.


  • Develop students' skills in dealing with computer programs that they need in their future majors to help them complete their studies successfully.
  • Develop life skills and applied skills, especially technical skills for preparatory year students.
  • Developing courses and infrastructure in the Computer Department in line with the needs of different and new tracks in the field of computer science.
  • Developing the professional skills of the faculty members in the department.
  • Excellence in scientific research.
  • Contribute to the development of computer skills for the local community (internal and external) through the provision of specialized courses and the establishment of community partnerships with community institutions.


Course Course ID
Computer Skills (Health & Nursing) COMP 111                                     
Computer Skills (Humanities) COMP 112
Computer Skills (Science) COMP 113
Introduction to programming  COMP 123
Computer application in design COMP 121


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