To provide programs which help students in the area of cognitive and emotional development. This is in line with the vision and mission of the deanship of the preparatory year. In addition, there is a focus on communication and research skills. This should prepare students psychologically and socially for integration into the college community, and characterize their performance in future life.


  • Developing students skills for effective communication with themselves and others inside the university campus and outside
  • Master the skills necessary to prepare and write research according to scientific standards
  • Development of different skills in learning and aspects of life in general, helping students to excel and innovate
  • Prepare students to practice thinking skills in their diversified forms
  • Development of health awareness and physical fitness of students
  • Helping students to adapt to the university environment, effective and positive participation in the various activities within the university community and outside


Course Course ID
Learning and Searching skills LRSK-141
Communication Skills LRSK-142
Health and Physical Education PHEDU-162
Basic Design Studio (1)   ARCH -121
Basic Design Studio (2) ARCH  122