To teach the English language and relevant skills for both male and female students to an international level. In addition, to develop their intellectual, cultural, and communicative skills thereby allowing them to communicate and interact with other cultures.


  • Raising the level of students in general and academic English as well as providing programs and levels that they need
  •  Helping new students to have a smooth transition from high school to university by focusing on the quality of English they need for academic and scientific uses
  • Developing the skills of scientific research in the field of learning English and teaching it. And the development of students  language communication skills by helping them to have good verbal and written communication skills needed for their career in the future
  • Encouraging students to use the English language inside and outside the classroom
  • Providing supportive English Language courses for the university staff that aim to develop language skills that help them perform well within their jobs
  • Adopting a global standardized test for students, such as (TOEFL)


Course Course ID
General English Language ENGL-101
English for Academic and Specific Purpose ENGL-102

English Language Department Handbook