Student Clubs at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University are an important center for discovering and developing student’s talent, as they allow them to have an educational experience that help them integrate into society, and contribute to providing a supportive environment for respectful dialogue and effective communication between students in order to invest in their free time, with considering the scientific and educational foundation and under the supervision of a group of educational specialists.


Building a generation of university youth capable of facing challenges, solving problems, acquiring effective communication skills, and positively interacting with the university environment and society.


Organizing various and effective student activities that contribute to the development of the various aspects of the student's personality, promoting lofty values and principles, and qualifying them to manage the responsibilities that will be placed upon them in the future.


  • Affiliation
  • Responsibility
  • Positivity
  • Integrity
  • Sincerity

General Objectives

  1. Promoting the value of belonging to the university and loyalty to the homeland.
  2. Developing affection and brotherhood and friendship based on Islamic values ​​among university students.
  3. Providing opportunities for university students to participate in activities that suit their tendencies, abilities, aptitudes, talents, and specializations.
  4. Participation in various events internally and externally, which promotes the exchange and development of experiences.

Student Clubs Classification

  • Specialized Clubs: clubs that are based in the colleges of the university and follow the college’s name and specialization and are under the supervision of the college administration, to carry out specialized activities.
  • General Clubs: clubs under the Deanship of Student Affairs’ management and supervision, to carry out activities related to the vision, mission, and objectives of each club. 

Student Clubs - Male Students

  • Scouts Club
  • Photography Club
  • Health Club
  • Intellect Club
  • Book Club
  • Athletes Cub
  • Theater Club
  • Integrity Club
  • Badir Club
  • Scholarship Club
  • Determination Club
  • Vision 2030 Club
  • Light Club
  • Student Housing Club
  • Media & Student Relations Club

Student Clubs - Al Rakah - Female Students

  • Digital Club (Tele)
  • Leadership Club
  • Awrag Club
  • Development Club
  • Al Noreen Club
  • Sona Club

Student Clubs - Al Rayyan - Female Students

  • Digital Club (Tele)
  • Sports and Health Club
  • Deem Club for Training and Volunteering
  • Anamel Club
  • Al Noreen Club
  • Tanweel Club for female students
  • Toastmaster Club

Student Clubs - Applied College - Female Students

  • Afaneen Club
  • Wasm Club
  • We Read Club

Student Clubs - College of Sciences and Humanities in Jubail - Female Students

  • Ghaim Club

Student Clubs - College of Applied Medical Sciences in Jubail - Female Students

  • Vision Club


Contact Us

General Coordinator of General and Specialized Student Clubs

Dr. Issa Mohammad Al-smoul

Ext: 32792


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