The Student Fund at Imam Abdul Rahman bin Faisal University is one of the important facilities in the Deanship of Student Affairs, for its direct connection with the needs of male and female students. The Student Fund was established based on the approval of the Supreme Council of Saudi Universities in the session held on 26/7/1398 AH. The Fund seeks to keep pace with the development of services provided to the students and seeks to complete financial measures in a competent manner.



Excellence and creativity in developing self-resources to support activities, services, and student care.


Providing student support and services that contribute to achieving psychological stability and quality of university life for students in accordance with Vision 2030.


  • Achieving scientific and social stability for university students through financial support for student activities and extracurricular programs.
  • Investing the Fund’s money in developing resources and serving the students.
  • Contributing to the development of student activities.
  • Providing aids and student loans.
  • Supporting student activities and providing awards.
  • Supporting and developing the educational environment for university students.
  • Supporting people with special needs.
  • Supporting student initiatives and training courses.
  • Contributing in supporting students in disseminating scientific research and participating in scientific conferences.
  • Utilizing the skills and talents of students through the Student Employment Program.

Student Fund Organizational Structure

  • Dean of Student Affairs and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Student Fund
  • Executive Director of the Student Fund
  • Assistant of Executive Director of the Student Fund
  • Department of Accounting.
  • Department of Loans and Subsidies.
  • Investment Department.
  • Department of Administrative Communications

Student Fund Resources

  • The support that the educational institution can provide to the fund.
  • The students’ subscriptions are deducted from the student monthly salary.
  • Return on investment projects conducted by the fund.
  • Donations, gifts, grants, and bequests made by individuals and institutions.
  • The support that the Higher Education Fund can allocate to IAU Student Fund.

Fund program services:

First: the loan program

Through this program, loans are provided to students, according to their needs, and installments are deducted from their monthly salary through the Student Salary Department at the Deanship of Admission and Registration, with follow-up from the Student Fund.

Conditions and controls for requesting a loan:

  • Filling out the loan request form electronically.
  • The student must be a regular student at the university during the semester in which he/she applied for the loan.
  • The student must be one of the students who are currently have a student salary.
  • The student should not have a current loan.
  • A student is not exempted from the loan without the approval of the Board of Directors of the Student Fund, and the Student Fund has the right to take all measures to recover the loan from the student.

Second: the aid program

Through this program, the fund provides aid to needy university students. The value of the aid varies from one student to another according to their needs and according to the case study carried out by the Student Care Unit. In addition, the value of aid depends on the attachments that explain the status of each student and after presentation to the Board of Directors of the Student Fund and getting their approval .

The aid is provided considering the following:

The main documents to be attached:

  • Filling out the aid application form.
  • A letter submitted by the student requesting aid.
  • Family ID for family members.
  • Academic transcript.
  • Copy of the national ID.
  • A copy of the university card.
  • A certificate of the salary of the guardian.
  • A statement from the family's social security in the event of the death of the head of the family.

Conditions and documents required when submitting the aid application:

  • The student must be registered during the academic semester in which the aid application was submitted.
  • The reasons for applying for the aid should be in accordance with the regulations governing the disbursement of aid.
  • The student must attend in person, and it is not permissible to delegate.
  • Attach the official papers that prove the need for aid.
  • The student should not have received an aid during the semester in which the student requested the aid.
  • Priority will be given to those who have not previously received an aid.
  • Aid is canceled if the student is more than two weeks late in receiving it from the date of its disbursement approval.
  • The student case should be studied by the social worker.
  • The student must be one of those who are eligible for aid.
  • The Fund board has the right to make exceptions from some of the conditions mentioned above if there is need for that.

Third: The Student Employment Program

The program aims to develop the skills of university students, and inform them about the administrative and technical work of the departments in which they had the opportunity to work in order to gain experience. The program also aims to provide assistance to the various sectors of the university. Students are nominated through the college in coordination with the Deanship of Student Affairs according to the following conditions:

  • Employment opportunities are prioritized according to the student financial status who has not previously worked in the program since joining the university.
  • Not to employ any student who has previously worked three times during the student study at the university.
  • It is not allowed to combine two employment opportunities during one semester.
  • The number of working hours for each university sector should not exceed the specified hours.
  • The student’s work hours are (60) sixty hours per semester.
  • The student's working hours for one day are (3) three hours.
  • Student employment lists are sent to the Deanship of Student Affairs for approval, and payment of their dues immediately after the end of the employment period.
  • Data showing the operating hours shall be submitted at least two weeks before the end of each semester, bearing in mind that the delay in sending the data will result in postponing the dues to the next semester.

Means of communication:


Phone: 32753

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