The Office of the Dean of Student Affairs at the University of Dammam provides programs and services that support the students and strengthen the University’s academic excellence by providing opportunities for students both inside and outside the classroom.  The Office of Student Affairs continuously coordinates with the colleges and the University’s administration in order to create a positive academic learning environment that promotes successful learning and personal development according to the policies and procedures of the University.   


Towards a deanship of students affairs leading at the level of Saudi deanships of students affairs.


To provide the best supporting services, activities and mentorship related to students' intellectual, emotional and physical needs for helping students build their personalities as per the Total Quality Standards.


  • To foster Islamic morals and national spirit of students.
  • To contribute to building integrated and balanced personalities of students.
  • To create a stimulating and attractive in-campus environment for developing students personalities and skills.
  • To encourage students to engage in volunteering, imitativeness, and participation in campus and outside.
  • To inter into partnerships with local community organizations in favor of students' interests.
  • To explore, cultivate and develop students' talents for maximizing their creativity.
  • To train students on skills of leadership, communication and knowledge development.
  • To provide support to students of special needs.
  • To upgrade performance of the deanship staff in compatible with the services, and activities provided by the deanship.
  • To offer further assessments for the services, and activities provided by the deanship.


1. Patriotism.
2. Responsibility.
3. Positive attitude.
4. Integrity.
5. Fidelity.