About Sport Activities


Building a society where its children enjoy a healthy lifestyle, and a positive, interactive social environment that allows living in a dynamic and attractive environment that provides a high level of quality of life and requires concerted efforts, cooperation and joint work to achieve the goals and vision of the Kingdom 2030, which aims to increase the number of practitioners of sporting activities on a regular basis and this is what it has sought The Department of Sports Activity at the Deanship of Student Affairs at the University in contributing to investing the energies of youth and developing their abilities in creativity and innovation. The practice of sports activity is to evaluate the negative trends of youth and adjust their path to become positive trends.
From this standpoint, the Deanship of Student Affairs represented in the Sports Activity Department gave more attention to sports activities, so it sought to establish many programs, and was keen to participate in various local and international championships. The Deanship of Student Affairs is to equip the various sports facilities in the university city to practice various sports activities of all kinds.


Leadership in the field of sports activities at the level of Saudi universities.

The message

Providing quality, purposeful, and planned sports activities in various fields that meet students’ needs, tendencies and trends to contribute to preparing a mathematically creative generation that has the ability to develop itself and its talents, which contributes to the development of students behaviorally, cognitively, emotionally, and physically.


Honesty, respect, honesty, cooperation, responsibility, transparency


1. Create a fertile environment for students' sports creativity.
2. Satisfying students ’desires and tendencies through practicing sports activities.
3. Spreading sports awareness at the university.
4. Discovering and developing students' athletic talents, refining them, and directing them in optimal ways.
5. Taking care of distinguished students in the various fields of sports (individual - collective).
6. To develop students ’leadership skills to enable them to lead sports teams, and to encourage them to participate in sports competitions.
7. Integrating new students into sports activities, introducing them to sports facilities, and discovering new talents.
8. Forming good relationships between students through their participation in various sporting activities.
9. Instilling a spirit of competition among university students.
10. Cultivation of lofty values and traditions represented in accepting the results of sports competitions.


1. Preparing a plan for individual and group indoor sports activities in coordination with the coordinator of each activity.
2. Supervising the implementation of sports programs offered to students.
3. Preparing university national teams in various sports to participate in the Saudi Universities Sports Federation competitions.
4. Making sports facilities available for students to practice free sports.
5. Health education for university students and employees.
6. Organizing sports lectures, workshops, and seminars to educate students' sports.
7. Preparing and equipping all requirements for sports activities such as (sportswear - sports equipment ... etc.)
8. Preparing quarterly reports of sports activities submitted to students.
9. Supervising and following up on the periodic maintenance of sports facilities in all their facilities.

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