Community Services in the Cardiac Technology Department


You are the Good and the Blessing
Hand in Hand for Better Health
Educating the elderly on ways to maintain good health.

 World Heart Day
Awareness activity of how to have a healthy heart and steps to prevent heart disease.
Location: CAMS building 55.

Your Heart is a Gift 

Awareness activity of Breast Cancer and how its treatment may affect the heart.
Location: CAMS building 55.

Where the Path Leads 
Collaboration with Student Affairs to raise awareness about CT technologist valuable roles and to highlight the different fields of work and aid job applications.
Location: IAU-Rakkah campus


The Future Talented Students’ Program

Virtual through Zoom for talented High and Intermediate school students. Two lectures were provided to increase the awareness of how to deal with chocking incidences, and how to prevent heart diseases 

 COVID and Returning to Normal with the Vaccine

Location: Al Khobar Corniche

 Ataa Initiative 

In partnership with the Biology Club at the College of Science, an activity was conducted on some rare diseases that affect the heart


 The importance of the solidarity of all departments of the College of Applied Medical Sciences in the treatment and ambulance of the patient

World Heart Day 

Awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy heart


We Can Fight Cancer

Location: King Fahad University Hospital



 You Can Save Lives

Awareness activity of the steps of Basic Life Support for High school students at the 8th school in Al Khobar 

 Obesity Kills

Collaborative activity with all departments of CAMS, At King Fahad University Hospital

 World Heart Day

Awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy heart, Building 55



 Your Heart is Worthy

High school in al Khobar

 Diabetes Walk Step Out

Collaborative activity with CLS and CN Department, Building 55.


Let’s Save Lives

Awareness activity of the steps of Basic Life Support, Building 300 (Female)


Control your Blood Pressure, Protect Your Heart

Awareness activity of hypertension highlighting the lifestyle modifications that help to prevent or delay the onset of hypertension, At Al Rashid Mall


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