1. Prepare and arrange workshops for preparing and suggesting new programs.
  2. Review proposed educational plans and make sure that they satisfy basic requirements and criteria.
  3. Identify  references that will be used for building the educational plans and modifying them.
  4. Suggest arbitration bodies for educational plans and coordinate with the concerned departments.
  5. Conduct surveys on labor market requirements’  and compatibility with specializations and programs presented by the faculty.
  6. Review the current educational plans and their output.  Follow up on their development and update them in accordance with global requirements and the labor market.  
  7. Make sure that the educational plans comply with the standards of the National Commission for Assessment and Academic Accreditation (NCAAA) and with the procedures set by the permanent committee for plans.
  8. Coordinate with the faculty and the educational planning committee of the University.
  9. Keep copies of the plans and documents.
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