1. Raise the awareness of UD in the local community and publicize the of the College's faculty.
  2. Create different events for university employees in order to increase communication between them.
  3. Prepare and issue brochures and publications about the faculty's achievements.
  4. Take photos and videos of faculty activities and create a photo archive of those activities.
  5. Hold a variety of seminars and meetings for the faculty.
  6. Follow up on news of the faculty and send it to the University's journal and other concerned entities.
  7. Organize regular meetings between the faculty, administration, academic staff members and students.
  8. Issue a digital magazine for the faculty and staff  with the aim of enhancing social communication and fraternal relations.
  9. Supervise electronic messages for the faculty that are prepared by the academic staff  and students.
  10. Take part in preparing and organizing events held by the faculty.
  11. Prepare a database that includes the names of  officials and different departments of the University and regularly update it.
  12. Organize receptions and farewell parties for staff members. 
  13. Prepare the annual report of the faculty and present a detailed report that is regularly updated. 
  14. Contact the different departments and committees of the faculty in order to provide the necessary information for preparing the annual report of the faculty.
  15. Monitor the activities of the committees and present quarterly reports on the performance and achievements of the committees.
  16. Prepare statistics based on faculty and student data.
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